One of our aim is improve and support health and wellbeing.


UK Shaolin is a unique online learning platform dedicated to delivering Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts, and Fitness classes and courses. We also host podcasts and live discussions sharing ideas around the topics of fitness, philosophy, wellbeing, arts and cultural. UK Shaolin is part of UK Shaolin Temple that exists to preserve, share, and promote Chinese culture and arts by delivering educational initiatives, and physical activities.


Our mission is to contribute to the betterment of society by providing online content that is easy-to-access and allows participants can support their fitness and wellbeing at home.

  • Improve and support health and wellbeing.
  • Engage people with China’s cultural, martial, and artistic heritage.
  • Collaborate with educational, sports, and business organisations.

Our Founder

“ Behind the champions are endless hours of hard work, dedication, determination, motivation and concentration. ”

Shi Yan Ming’s story begins in China. Shi Yan Ming entered the Shaolin Temple as a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. The Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist Monastery and unique for being the cradle of Chinese Chan Buddhism, as well as, the birthplace of many forms of Chinese martial arts. The Shaolin Temple teaches philosophy and martial arts but it also encompasses the values of knowledge, wisdom, and self-study. Shi Yan Ming joined the Shaolin Temple in 1997 and became specialised in Chinese martial arts and Chan philosophy. During his time, he also joined the first ever Shaolin Temple troupe to visit the UK in 1998 and toured across the world in the years that followed. Shi Yan Ming later settled in the UK and opened a martial arts school and later moved to open a Charitable Company to increase access to the health and wellbeing benefits of Chinese martial arts, and mindfulness and meditation.

Shi Yan Ming
Shi Yan MingCEO & Founder